SYRIZA – New Democracy tie in Metron Analysis poll

SYRIZA and New Democracy (ND) received the same percentage in voting intent according to an opinion poll conducted by Metron Analysis on behalf of private broadcaster ANT1 on Monday.

According to the survey, 24.6 pct of participants chose SYRIZA and another 24.6 pct chose ND. Golden Dawn follows with 5.6 pct, the Communist Party with 4.8 pct, Potami with 4.6 pct, Democratic Coalition (PASOK-DIMAR) with 4.2 pct, while Popular Unity and Union of Centrists receive 3 pct each. The Independent Greeks (ANEL) received 2.3 pct.

The undefined voter came to 9.1 pct and includes 7.7 pct of undecided voters and 1.4 pct of participants who didn’t want to answer.