SYRIZA on reshuffle: ‘New government, same failed policies’

Commenting on the government reshuffle announced on Monday, main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nasos Iliopoulos noted that it was “a new government but the same failed [policy mix].”

Speaking on “Alpha 9.89” radio, Iliopoulos said that the change at the labour ministry was an indication of the chaos in the handling of pending pension applications, while noting that the transfer of the portfolio to Kostis Hatzidakis was “an interesting move, from a strategic point of view” given that he had been linked “with a series of aggressive, anti-social reforms.”

“This reshuffle is also another a sign of the prime minister’s inability to handle the pandemic,” Iliopoulos added.
He pointed out that Greece had mourned 4,331 victims of the coronavirus in the last two months and that, instead of discussing how to strengthen public health and protect workers, “we are discussing election scenarios”.

“No communications hubbub, no communications policy through a reshuffle, can help avert the real social questions raised due to the failed handling of the pandemic – and recently the vaccinations – by the Mitsotakis government,” he added.
He stressed that SYRIZA will continue to support policies for a strong health service and oppose policies that “lead to the bankruptcy of society, such as the new bankruptcy code that the government finally froze, in this way admitting that it was a law of social plunder and not a second chance.”

At a time of great crisis, Iliopoulos noted, it would be “hugely irresponsible on our part to demand elections” but the main opposition was prepared for all possibilities.