SYRIZA parliamentary spokesman: Early general elections are not good for anyone

Early general elections are not good for anyone, “not even the lenders in a period with huge open fronts in Europe” said SYRIZA parliamentary spokesman Nikos Xydakis speaking to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Thursday.

“What is mandatory now is to see how we imagine the life, the society and the economy beyond that policy of the memoranda” he said referring to SYRIZA parliamentary group meeting on Wednesday.

Referring to the social ‘face’ of the State Budget he noted that “two facts leave margins for hope. In case of a primary surplus there will be a social excess that will be used for the citizens’ relief and the second that there is a plan for the country to get on a growth course”.

As soon as we have the first signs of recovery, we must make adjustments in order to keep the growth rate and at the same time give a breather to the citizens, to the labourers and to the professionals which are mostly affected.
Asked on the debate on Thursday at the European Parliament on the relations between EU and Turkey, Xydakis noted.

“It is a crucial vote. I would not be against Turkey because as closer you keep Turkey the more you help the Turkish people. I’m afraid that this huge political and social transformation that is taking place in Turkey is towards an authoritarian directions that distances Turkey from Europe. The target should be to keep Turkey close for the benefit of the Turkish people” he said.