Syriza: PM Mitsotakis missed opportunity to secure firm support in meeting Merkel

SYRIZA claimed that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis missed an opportunity to secure solid support commitments from German Chancellor Angela Merkel during their Monday Berlin meeting on both Greece’s migration crisis and the recent border tensions with Turkey.

“Unfortunately, Mitsotakis leaves the meeting with the German Chancellor having received only well-wishes and self-evident verbal condemnations of Turkey’s blackmail and its use of refugees and migrants as tools of political pressure by President Erdogan,” noted the main opposition party’s statement.
The party continued its disapproval of the meeting’s outcome by saying that “Europe and especially Germany must assume their responsibilities. Unfortunately, the prime minister seems to have claimed nothing.”

Syriza claimed that Mitsotakis received “neither a reference to sanctions against Turkey, nor to the need to share the burdens of migration, nor a new refugee relocation program in Europe.”

“Not even a half-mention to the need for Turkish refugees to resettle in Europe in order to have an incentive to stay there,” the party stressed.