SYRIZA Political Council discusses latest developments in all unresolved issues

A meeting of SYRIZA’s Political Council chaired by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was held on Monday, discussing a broad agenda of issues.

According to party sources, these included the issue concerning the rent subsidy claimed by Alternate Labour Minister Rania Antonopoulou and Tsipras’s phone call to the minister to say that he does not consider her use of the relevant legal right to be correct.

The meeting also focused on the Novartis case, where participants noted that the old political system had rallied together to oppose Justice’s efforts to investigate the case.

The results of the EU informal summit were also examined, along with SYRIZA’s next steps and initiatives regarding the developments in the social democrats and left political forces in Europe.

Greek-Turkish relations and Turkey’s provocative stance in the Aegean were also noted, as well as the clear stance adopted by the European Union on this issue. The Political Council also discussed the course of the negotiations on the FYROM name issue and reaffirmed its complete support for Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.