SYRIZA political secretariat expresses support for government efforts on clear debt solution

SYRIZA’s political secretariat said on Tuesday it is supporting the government’s efforts to achieve a clear solution on the country’s debt load, following a meeting presided by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, which started shortly after 10:00.

The meeting discussed extensively government work, the strategic reforms for growth, the educational reforms, changes in the “Kallikratis” administrative divisions plan, constitutional reform and the ongoing negotiations on Greece’s debt.

“We support the government’s efforts and strategy for a clear solution for the debt that will restore access to the money markets,” the political secretariat said in a press release.

“The opportunity created by the positive momentum of the Greek economy for a definite overcoming of the crisis, should not be lost,” it added, noting that Greece fulfilled its obligations and will conclude officially the remaining prior actions.

“It is their ethical and legal obligation to launch the necessary decisions on Greek debt, which will create the conditions for the consolidation of stability, a dynamic and irreversible recovery and an exit to the markets as soon as possible, with sustainable conditions for our country,” it said.

Concerning recent statements by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the political secretariat said anticipating a postponement of decisions on debt and its participation in the Greek program do not constitute a positive contribution in finding a fair and mutually accepted solution.

The party also reiterated its position that if the IMF postpones its decision on its participation and funding of the program and eventually decides against its involvement, “the coalition government of SYRIZA-ANEL will not implement the policy mix that the Fund demanded during the last negotiation.”

“It becomes evident once again that the IMF, no matter how much it wants to convince about the contrary, only demands the implementation of austerity ‘reforms’, while it retreats every time it has to discuss Greek debt,” the party noted.