SYRIZA: Mitsotakis sole person responsible if national health system collapses

“Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is getting ready to take apart the National Health System and usher privatisaton in through the back door, using vaccinations as a pretext,” main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance underlined in an announcement on Monday.

“After one and a half years of refusing to support the National Health System with more hiring, he is now weakening it at a time when his resounding failure is bringing on a new wave of the pandemic,” the party said. “The self-evident need for mass vaccination of the citizens and particularly of those who work in healthcare and come into contact with patients can’t become an alibi for breaking apart the National Health System through suspensions from and cuts salaries so as to let the private sector enter the system”.

“In the case of a collapse of the National Health System, Mr. Mitsotakis will be the sole person responsible,” the announcement concluded.