SYRIZA slams EU new migration pact as ineffective

Europe has proven it is “way below par in circumstances” with its new EU Migration & Asylum Pact, said on Wednesday SYRIZA’s Giorgos Psichogios, responsible for the party’s migration and asylum policy.

Moreover, he said that each EU member state would now be legally required to accept their fair share of migration relocations based half and half on GDP and a receiving country’s population size. This, he said, is a kind of “compulsory solidarity but without a mandatory relocation mechanism, nor budgetary or financial sanctions for those states that refuse to share responsibility.”

In his statement, he further criticizes European migration policy by saying that Europe is succumbing to the pressures of the far-right and the Visegrad Group states, noting that the refugee-hosting countries and especially Greece are being forced into performing a faster asylum border process, involving decisions within 12 weeks, and proceed to return migrants whose asylum applications were rejected.

He then criticized the Greek government, blaming it not building on Syriza efforts to “build a solidarity front among first-entry countries in the entire Mediterranean” instead of only those in the east.

The government also never pushed the EU for a new relocation program, he added, while its MEPs never signed a letter by 169 of their colleagues calling for the decongestion of Greece and the proportional distribution of migrants across the EU.