SYRIZA spokesman: Premier failed to prepare for pandemic’s second wave

The government “continues the path of failure in managing the coronavirus pandemic,” SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman Nassos Iliopoulos said on Sunday, echoing a party announcement earlier the same day.

In an interview to Real FM radio, Iliopoulos charged that the stricter measures in effect as of Sunday (Jan. 3) were taken without a meeting of the experts’ committee, and will not be effective “if they are not combined with real measures for the protection of public health.”

He further claimed that “80 percent of the deaths we have had recently have occurred out of intensive care units” and that the government is solely responsible for the 4,295 deaths of fellow-citizens in the last two months. “We all remember the prime minister stating smugly in the summer that we beat the coronavirus,” Iliopoulos said, instead of preparing for the second wave of the pandemic.