SYRIZA: The second programme review will be concluded on time

The economic climate has started to stabilise, unemployment has slightly been reduced and the tax system is stable, giving a signal for investments, the re-elected secretary of SYRIZA parliamentary group said in statements to SKAI TV o Monday.

He estimated that the second programme review will be concluded on time and expressed optimism that the government will win that battle as it did in the past. He underlined that settlement of the debt will be included in the medium term plan.

Asked whether the government would sign a separate agreement with the IMF, he said that the institutions will decide collectively. He cleared out that the government will not accept further deregulation of the labour relations and accused New Democracy of fully adopting the IMF positions for cuts.

Asked on the possibility of people from other political areas joining SYRIZA or the government, he stressed the importance of a political and social front towards neoliberal policies with the participation of people from right and left parties.