SYRIZA: Vaccination the victim of government’s ‘communications gluttony’

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, in a press release on Monday, asserted that Greece’s vaccination programme was the victim of a governmental “communications gluttony”, and its over-reliance on a PR management rather than practical management of the pandemic.

“Up until October 2020 we had 393 deaths and in six months, from October 2020 until today, while we had the most strictest and most failed lockdown in Europe, the losses multiplied 25-fold and have today reached 10,007 [deaths],” the party said.
“After six months of harsh lockdown, the national health system and those working in the health sector continue to be on the brink of collapse, without real support, and the number of intubated patients inside and outside ICUs is dramatically high. The vaccination [rollout] is the victim of the Mitsotakis government’s communications gluttony since, despite the big words, only 8.0 percent of the citizens have had both two doses of the vaccine and Greece is ranked 24th among 30 countries as regards vaccination with the first dose,” the main opposition underlined.

“Instead of support for the national health system, or measures in the places where the virus is ‘superspread’, such as workplaces and public transport, and the requisitioning of private clinics, Mitsotakis continues to manage the pandemic on communication terms with disastrous results for society.”