SYRIZA’s Achtsioglou accuses prime minister of ‘political deceit’

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance deputy reponsible for financial issues Effie Achtsioglou accused Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of ‘political deceit’ in an interview with website on Sunday.

“What can one say about Mr. Mitsotakis? Political deceit has already lost its meaning, so many times that we are forced to invoke it,” she said.

As she pointed out, “he was elected promising an increase in the minimum wage twice the growth”, but he kept it frozen for three years and announced a mockery increase for 2022 which is essentially a stagnation and while inflation is soaring, leading to a decrease in real incomes.

Regarding the prospects for the Greek economy, Achtsioglou spoke of an “expected recovery” in 2021, stressing that “unfortunately, due to the political choices of the government, this recovery also concerns few and is accompanied by a serious sharpening of inequalities.”