SYRIZA’s Achtsioglou: Draft 2022 state budget offers ‘nothing positive’ for most Greeks

The state budget draft for 2022 “foresees nothing positive for the great social majority,” SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance MP Efi Achtsioglou said on Tuesday, adding that “it confirms the government’s strategic direction toward supporting the few and mighty.”

Achtsioglou, head of the economics division of the main opposition party, said that the new budget will “remove 12.5 billion from the real economy” and “foresees a fiscal adjustment of 6.3% of GDP.”

In addition, the government is slashing 907 million of health and emergency Covid-19 funding, and is instituting labor regulations that affect workers negatively, like abolishing 8-hour days and passing “the massive debts of the pandemic and lack of liquidity” to small and medium-sized enterprises.