SYRIZA’s Achtsioglou: Opening of schools a huge risk

SYRIZA deputy responsible for labour Effie Achtsioglou on Tuesday expressed her party’s deep concern over the “hasty opening of schools” in an interview with MEGA TV, adding that there is “such a divergence of views in the scientific community over such a serious matter that the government should move more carefully”.

She said that for the pupils that will participate in the university entrance exams, the schools should open for a few days but for the other grades, the primary schools and high schools, “the scientific community itself does not agree on what should be done.”

“There is a high risk because if a new spread of the virus starts from the schools it could not be controlled,” she said, and wondered why should we take such a risk.

On the government’s measures for the economy and labour, she said they lead to salary cuts and a reduction of jobs, adding that the government “did not create any protection framework for the day when the enterprises will open while no real liquidity injections with fresh money were offered to the businesses.”

She also said that the imminent recession “is up to a point objective” but “the government will be responsible for the size of the recession because it did not take bold economic measures to support the market and employees”.