SYRIZA’s Charitsis: ELSTAT’s report proves economy will not recover automatically after lockdown

“The report by the independent statistical authority (ELSTAT) on Wednesday, according to which the turnover of enterprises was reduced by 15.8 pct in the first quarter of 2020, shows the difficult road we have before us,” stated main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance’s head for development and investments, Alexis Charitsis. He noted that the report showed “that the economy’s recovery will not come automatically after the lockdown, as the governmment is trying to persuade us”.
“Time is needed, and chiefly the essential support of the real economy and of society in order for the recession to be contained and growth to return,” Charitsis underlined and referred to SYRIZA’s proposal for the support of the businesses with direct liquidity, the support of labour with full coverage of the payroll cost and of the incomes of those affected by the crisis in order to “avoid the downward spiral of recession”.