SYRIZA’s Charitsis: Our programme and the government’s rationale are totally different

“Our programme and the government’s rationale are totally different,” main opposition SYRIZA spokesperson Alexis Charitsis said on Wednesday in an interview with Real FM.

He said that his party’s updated ‘Menoume Orthioi’ programme, “focuses on the support of social cohesion, with emphasis on specific sectors of the Greek economy like catering and tourism that are mortally stricken”.

“SYRIZA speaks of substantial support for labour, which means total coverage of the salary cost and preserving job positions,” he added.

Referring to foreign policy, he said that the government’s explanations about what happened in Evros and the events in relation to Turkey are “totally contradictory”.

Charitsis claimed that the escalation of Turkish provocativeness highlights a lack of strategy on the part of the Greek government, while on the construction of the fence in Evros he said that the “government is constantly changing its plans and putting our sovereign rights at risk, as was proved by the latest incidents”.