SYRIZA’s Charitsis: The budget includes measures the gov’t wants to hide

“The state budget includes measures that the New Democracy government is trying to hide in order to distort what’s happening,” SYRIZA spokesperson Alexis Charitsis said while speaking to radio “Kanali 1” on Tuesday.

He noted that the ND government had chosen not to use the cash reserves left by the SYRIZA government for the relief of those on low and middle incomes. Instead, it has decided to use the fiscal space that it inherited in order to lower taxes for big business, Charitsis claimed.

“The 600 million euros the government is channelling into the reduction of taxes concern only 2.5 percent of all enterprises,” said Charitsis and he accused Mitsotakis’ government of “class bias”.
The government’s neoliberal policies are doubly harmful. They intensify the inequalities and lead the Greek economy, which is currently in a phase of recovery, into a crisis cycle, Charitsis said.