SYRIZA’s Iliopoulos: Government focusing on restrictions instead of protection against pandemic

“Today is a difficult day. Fofi Gennimata struggled with cancer with dignity,” the spokesperson for main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Nassos Iliopoulos said in an interview with Action24 TV late Monday, regarding the death of the former leader of the KINAL party. He stressed that Gennimata had left her mark on the political life of the country, with a stance that was always marked by courtesy and dignity, even during disagreements. “I want to express my condolences to her family and her friends,” Iliopoulos said.

Referring to the pandemic he underlined that there have already been over 800 deaths in October and that the worst signal to send to society was a signal that the pandemic was over. “Unfortunately, the government has sent this signal many times,” Iliopoulos added. At the same time, he criticised the government for failing to protect public health and focusing exclusively on restrictions.
“Measures for the public health means real support for the national health system and primary healthcare,” he added, while claiming that the permanent staff in public health were now fewer than before the pandemic.

On rising prices, he underlined that the problem does not only concern wage earners but all of production and he reiterated SYRIZA’s proposal for an immediate reduction of the special consumption taxes on oil an natural gas.

He also stated that “the increase of the minimum wage to 800 euros is an urgent necessity”.