SYRIZA’s Iliopoulos: Government ‘slandering entire social groups’ and ‘feeling under pressure’

A government that has so easily chosen to slander entire social groups – whether we are talking about high school students or healthcare workers – is a government that has started feeling under pressure,” stated main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos, speaking to radio “Sto Kokkino” on Thursday.

He said that the pupils’ demands relate to health safety in schools, including not having 27 students per classroom and the hiring of more teachers and cleaning staff, adding that “it is every democratic person’s responsibility to stand at the pupils’ side this moment”.

Iliopoulos said that “the fact that Mrs Kerameus (Education Minister) is threatening the children by telling them that they will have to have lessons during the holidays – without telling us how she will solve the problems in the schools – shows signs of destabilisation in the government.” He proposed that in major cities, such as in Athens and Thessaloniki where there are not enough classrooms, there could be two shifts for schools, with classes starting in the morning and the afternoon, as a solution.

On Greek-Turkish relations and the EU Summit, SYRIZA’s spokesperson said that the government was not fully determined to demand sanctions against Turkey and appears to have not given equal weight to dialogue on a Euro-Turkish level as to the dialogue within NATO. He urged Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to avoid “putting Turkey’s illegal claims” on the table, adding: “We do not known what the government’s limits are in this dialogue.”