SYRIZA’s Iliopoulos: Opening of market is ‘fake without support measures’

“The opening of the market will be fake without support measures for the small and medium-sized enterprises and workers,” stated main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopooulos, speaking to SKAI TV on Tuesday.
The Greek economy he said has “recorded the worse recession in the eurozone and the workers the second largest loss of income,” adding that if the government continues along the same lines “then 2021 may be another year of bankruptcy for Greece”.

He accused the government of making the same mistakes that had led the Greek economy to collapse and asserted that state spending was the only way “for us to avoid sinking”.

On the imminent exploratory talks with Turkey, Iliopoulos said that the Greek side has shown that when it has a plan and alliances, “it achieves diplomatic victories” and one such victory was the Prespes Agreement, a major diplomatic defeat for Erdogan”.

“It matters greatly how we build alliances as country and isolate Erdogan’s aggressive policy,” he said, noting that “the solution lies in dialogue.”

“The dialogue must include sanctions or an automated sanctions’ mechanism on the table, as well as a positive Euro-Turkish agenda, in order for Ankara to understand that the improvement of its relations with the EU passes through the improvement of its relations with Greece”.