SYRIZA’s Katrougalos: Exploratory talks without custodians and a broader agenda

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance sector-head for foreign affairs, George Katrougalos, was briefed by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on current foreign policy issues on Monday, in the context of a round of briefings by Dendias of the political parties in parliament.

After the meeting, Katrougalos pointed out the need for the exploratory talks with Turkey to aim at an honest agreement without custodians and pressures or broader agenda.

As Katrougalos said, the exploratory talks are not beginning in the best possible conditions, as Turkey continues to provoke – for example with the harassement of Greek coast guard vessels in the sea around the Imia islets – even as it continues its “charm offensive on the Europeans”. He noted that this was also a result of prime minister’s failure to achieve a European sanctions framework that would function as a guarantee against Turkish aggressiveness, at the last EU Council meeting.

Nevetheless, Katrougalos said that SYRIZA supports the exploratory talks “as there is no way apart from dialogue to seek a solution of our difference with Turkey,” adding, however, that they should be held openly and with transparency.