SYRIZA’s Katrougalos: Lack of red lines embοldens Turkey’s agressiveness

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance deputy responsible for foreign affairs Giorgos Katrougalos on Thursday pointed out the need to raise the issue of essential sanctions on Turkey at the EU Summit in December, after his meeting with Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, adding that the “lack of compass in the foreign policy and the lack of red lines emboldens the Turkish provocativeness”.

As Katrougalos said, the promotion of Greece’s relation with the UAE is a positive development if of course it is part of a multidimensional and peaceful foreign policy, noting that he was the one that had proposed the trilateral cooperation with the Emirates and Cyprus during his last trip to the country.

Katrougalos pointed out to Dendias that “for the first time the last Turkish illegal Navtex sets an issue of illegal activity inside Greece’s territorial waters at 5.8 nautical miles. I stressed the need that this escalating Turkish agreesiveness as well as possible manoevres to be addressed ahead of the EU Summit in December and Greece to hold a firm stance that will raise again the issue of essential sanctions.”

Until then, Katrougalos said, “Mr Mitsotakis should tell us if he has any red lines. If he considers red line, for example, the dispatch of a drill or the illegal activity west of the 28th meridian because until now the lack of compass in the foreign policy and the lack of specific red lines emboldens the Turkish agressiveness.”