SYRIZA’s plan is applicable now and will reduce recession, Skourletis says

If the extent and depth of the recession is not limited, which is necessary right now, it will be too late to do it a few months later, SYRIZA Central Committee Secretary Panos Skourletis said in Ta Nea, in an interview published Saturday.

The party’s proposal for the second stage of the pandemic fallout’s economic crisis, We Remain Standing 2, “is a realistic program that covers the immediate future to the end of September,” he said. He added that the plan had been costed and its funding sources publicly provided.

The government’s plan, on the other hand, is “deeply antisocial and will push people into unemployment, spreading poverty,” Skourletis asserted, as it “rejects a proactive intervention at this stage, having adopted the catastrophic opinion that since we cannot avoid the recession, we must use it as an opportunity to restructure the market and get rid of its ‘weakest links’.”