SYRIZA’s Skourletis: Gov’t moving on, despite opposition to Prespes Agreement

A cycle has ended and the government is moving on with its work, which is “what the country and Greek society need at this point,” SYRIZA Central Committee Secretary Panos Skourletis said on Monday.

In an interview with 24/7 radio station, Skourletis also called on those who have changed their position regarding the Prespes Agreement to explain their motives. “I am referring to the New Democracy (ND) and the Movement for Change (KINAL) leaders,” Skourletis said, who “in the previous period had served a composite name policy. Now they are denying it purely for electioneering purposes and in the interest of engaging in sterile political opposition.”

“The worst thing about this situation,” he continued, “is that they are denying members of the Greek parliament the right to assume their responsibilities and act according to their conscience in a matter […] that concerns the future of the country and its position in the Balkans for decades.”

Concerning the KINAL’s criticism to the government, Skourletis said that the party “has chosen to align itself with a right-wing policy that is highly reminiscent of the far right.”

He went on to express the opinion that the Greek political scene is currently being reshaped, and predicted the formation of two poles, one to the left based on SYRIZA and one to the right based on ND.

Finally, referring to new political alliances options, Skourletis noted that these will emerge from honest discussions conducted on an equal footing, as well as from the Greek people’s needs how politicians respond to them.