Syriza’s Tzanakopoulos: Gov’t must do more to protect jobs at SMEs

Supporting jobs is fundamental in limiting the repercussions of a recession, SYRIZA parliamentary representative Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Sunday on ANT1 TV, criticizing the government for measures that “are not just inadequate for SMEs, but in the wrong direction in terms of labor.”

Tzanakopoulos said that government must pump nearly 3 billion euros into SMEs in the form of non-returnable aid, “under the condition that they will protect jobs,” and said the government must help protect them as well. Now workers have three choices, he said: layoff, work by rotation with a 20 pct wage reduction, or subsidized unemployment.

Syriza’s proposal, he said, included a state coverage of insurance contributions by 100 pct and the rest of the salary by 40 pct, for companies that are working under restrictions.