SYRIZA’s Xanthos: Mass vaccinations ‘must succeed’ and issues addressed quickly

Mass inoculations “are an enterprise that must succeed, and all so-called irregularities made obvious from the start must be quickly dealt with,” Andreas Xanthos, SYRIZA MP responsible for health issues said on Sunday.

In an interview to Real News, Xanthos said the problems included “lack of transparency in terms of publicizing or discussing” the prioritizing of who would be vaccinated. This, he said, might lead to clogging the process. “This is why the issues of adequacy of doses, of more and better organized vaccination centers and of the unwillingness of part of the public to be vaccinated must be resolved.”

The doctor by training and former health minister also pointed out that the inability of international pharmaceuticals to respond to the high demand for the vaccines globally “has led to massive depletions and a huge delay in European countries’ timetables for mass vaccinations.” The only solution at this phase, he proposed, is to “lift copyright protection and allow the available doses to be multiplied.”

He also reiterated that hospitals should not be used as inoculation centers, as this jurisdiction belongs to the primary health care system and those professionals who serve health centers, regional medical offices, and such.