TAP completes delivery of steel pipes to build pipeline

The last delivery of steel pipes to build a Trans-Adriatic Natural Gas Pipeline (TAP AG) reached Thessaloniki in October 10, signalling the completion and full delivery of all steel pipes to the countries hosting the pipeline.

A company announcement said that all 55,000 steel pipes were delivered in a period of around 18 months. The first delivery was made in Durass in April 2016, while deliveries in Greece started a month afterwards, in May.

A total of around 55,000 steel pipes are used to build a TAP pipeline (32,000 in Greece, 13,000 in Albania, 9,150 in underwater section and 670 in Italy). These pipes weight around 520,000 tons, the equivalent of 71 Eiffel towers.

The steel pipes were manufactured by Korinth Steel and Salzgitter Mannesmann International.