TAP proposes mediation over stalled section of pipeline construction

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline, a project that will bring natural gas from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz II fields to Europe, on Friday invited two groups in the northern region of Kavala to resolve their differences with the company over the project’s construction through independent mediators.

TAP’s Greek office said it had invited the Kavala Farming Association and the Coordinating Committee of Kavala residents to talks in order “to help both sides resolve their differences, in order to allow the timely completion of the project”.

So far, TAP has completed two-thirds of the nearly 880 km long project, including 530 km of pipelaying in the 550 km that lie on Greek territory. In total, 51 km of pipeline run through the greater Kavala region, and 40 km of these have been completed. The work has stalled in 10 km at the Tenages region. Local media said the Tenages residents are demanding that the project change direction.

In its announcement, the consortium’s Greek office said it has “organized several meetings with agencies of Tenages, both at the stage of consultation over the Environmental and Social Impact Report, as during the construction of the project. It should be noted that just over the last 5 months, TAP has actively participated in over 130 meetings over the particular issue at national, regional and local level.”

As the project progresses elsewhere in northern Greece, over 280 km of Greek land is in the process of being restored, with the signing of the first protocol agreements to return land to owners and users after pipe placement.