Tarantilis: Another important step for the reopening of the economy

“As of this morning, another important step is being taken for the reopening of economic and social activities that had been suspended for a time, in order to stop the spread of coronavirus,” government spokesperson Christos Tarantilis said on Monday during a press briefing.

He explained in detail that, with a decision of the government and with the consent of the committee of infectious diseases, the retail trade businesses have reopened, with optional operating hours from 07.00 in the morning until 08.00 in the evening, with the exception of areas of increased risk, where the click-away system is operating. Also open are hairdressers, barber shops and beauty salons, diet centres, personal hygiene stores and body care services, as well as vehicle road safety inspection stations (KTEO).

Customers will still be obliged to use the SMS (text messaging) system or equivalents in order to leave their home to shop, sending an SMS to the phone line 13033, selecting option 2.

Churches will also open but admission will be limited to one person per 25 square meters and a maximum of 50 people.

Strict measures will also apply within shops, including a maximum limit on the number of customers allowed to enter at a given time, keeping a distance of two meters from others at the checkout queue and mandatory use of a mask for everyone at all times.