Tarantilis: The government continues the fight against the coronavirus

“The government is continuing the fight against the coronavirus and at the same time is continuing to support the real economy and society with all its strength,” government spokesperson Christos Tarantilis said during a press briefing on Monday.

“These days, private-sector employees have seen increases in their earnings. Firstly, because the insurance contributions were reduced by three percentage points and secondly, because the social solidarity contribution for incomes from private economic activity was postponed.”

Tarantilis said, “at the same time, the financial support of companies and employees affected by the pandemic continues. Last week alone, almost one billion euros was paid to hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries of the heating allowance, landlord support for reduced rents and the fifth round of repayable advances, half of which, like the previous round, are non-refundable.”

The government spokesperson then referred to the epidemiological situation and the new measures, noting: “In terms of the epidemiological situation, our country is still doing better in comparison with most European countries. This is confirmed by all the latest weekly maps of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).”

“However, while the epidemiological situation is improving in areas that were affected, in recent days we have an outbreak of cases, mainly in Attica. It is obvious that the evolution of the pandemic is dynamic, as it depends on many factors. That is why the decisions for dealing with have to be constantly adapted to the new data that emerge,” he stressed and added:

“Consistent with this strategy, the government – taking into account the suggestions of experts – proceeds to assess the situation every week and update the measures, if necessary. In this context, two levels of health protection are applied as of Saturday morning, in each region of the country – depending on their epidemiological burden.”