Tasoulas: Turkey’s increasingly threatening stance could be ‘its biggest mistake’

By insisting on an increasingly aggressive stance, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was isolating his country diplomatically and this could well prove to be a big mistake, Parliament President Kostantinos Tasoulas said in an interview with Skai radio.

“The problem is that Erdogan has exacerbated his threatening stance and is attempting in a more-or-less threatening way to create faits accomplis in the region of the eastern Mediterranean,” Tasoulas said.
According to the skai.gr website, Tasoulas said that Athenian diplomacy had succeeded in encircling and isolating Turkey, so that the country’s actions were now being criticised by both international organisations and other eastern Mediterranean countries.

He also pointed out that the eastern Mediterranean was a region of great geostrategic importance, and of great interest for commerce and the energy sector. When Turkey stopped threatening Greece alone, he added, and if this was properly brought to attention, it could well prove to be “ one of [Turkey’s] biggest mistakes, which will lead to better developments for us.”

Commenting on the recent visit by the Libyan Parliament President Aguila Saleh to Athens, Tasoulas said the aim was to show that there is another side in Libya that opposes the agreement signed with Erdogan, “ not because it is harmful for Greece but because it is harmful for Libya itself.”

Asked whether Turkey is likely to send troops to Libya, Tasoulas expressed fears that Erdogan had already dispatched such forces unofficially, sending both ammunition and paramilitary units “ that operate in Tripoli, supporting the government.”