Tax relief measures are ‘cancelled out’ by higher primary surpluses, Pappas says

“With Tsipras the surplus target was at 2.5 pct, with Mitsotakis it is at 3.5 pct,” said SYRIZA shadow economy minister Nikos Pappas on Wednesday, stressing that “any tax relief measures are obviously cancelled out”.

According to SYRIZA’s press office, in statements to Real FM radio, Pappas said that debt relief measures will not be included in 2020 draft budget to be tabled in parliament in the next few days. He also said that New Democracy’s rhetoric on renegotiating primary surplus targets is “hypocritical”.

As for SYRIZA, he said that “opening up” the party was essential for ensuring its leftist and progressive character, noting that it was much easier for “ideological and political shifts” to occur in “parties consisting of a sum of closed systems of power,” which have no foundations in society and whose organisational structures cannot understand what is happening in society, local government, organised business and in trade unions.