Independent Authority for Public Revenue: Tax revenue significantly surpassed targets in January

Tax revenue significantly surpassed budget targets by 258 million euros in January, while tax revenue excluding returns surpassed targets by 240 million euros, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue said on Friday.

In a report, the authority said that the January figures confirmed the continuation of a satisfactory trend in tax revenue during 2017, which is expected to be positively assessed during negotiations with the country’s creditors on completing the second review of the Greek programe.

Tax revenue, pre-returns, totaled 4.270 billion euros in January, up 6.43 pct from a budget target of 4.012 billion, while returns totaled 314 million euros, up 6.08 pct from a target of 296 million euros.
Tax revenue, excluding returns, totaled 3.956 billion euros, up 6.46 pct from a budget target of 3.716 billion.