TD Asset Management owns a 5.24 pct equity stake in Bank of Cyprus

Canadian company TD Asset Management Inc, based in Toronto, owns 446.2 million shares in Bank of Cyprus, or 5.24 pct of the bank’s equity capital.

The Bank of Cyprus, in an announcement to the stock exchanges of London and Cyprus, announced four large shareholders, which own more than 3.0 pct of its equity capital each, an optimistic trend over the inflow of new capital and participations in the bank’s equity capital.

Lamesa Holding SA, listed in Panama, owns 41,378,235 shares in the Bank of Cyprus, or 9.2735 pct of the bank’s equity capital, while the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development owns 22,401,744 shares or 5.02 pct of its equity capital.

Osome Investments Ltd, listed in the UK Virgin Islands owns 14,809,498 shares or 3.3190 pct, while Tyrus Capital SAM, listed in Monaco owns 15,461,831 shares or 3.465 pct of the bank’s equity capital.

The former Popular Bank of Cyprus also owns a 9.62 pct equity stake in the Bank of Cyprus.