Technical Chamber of Greece proposals for development

The decline in unemployment, especially in the ranks of engineers, a sustainable solution to the pension issue and enhancing growth are the key priorities of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), its president George Stassinos said in the review of an one-and-a-half year tenure.

TEE submitted 20 proposals for development, “with little or almost no cost, but with the basic condition a strong political will,” as he said, while according to official data 70% of the country’s engineers live in poverty.

To initiate a “growth shock”, he said, it is necessary to promote electronic licensing of operation in tourism, craft, industrial and restaurant/coffee stores under the responsibility of self-employed professional engineer. Also he referred to the need to offer incentives to citizens outside the EU for house purchase, such as granting visa -based on Portugal’s model; where there is considerable interest from China, and the granting of incentives for home purchases to Greek immigrants with zero or very low tax.

In addition, he stressed the need to institutionalize an Earth Bank, with an electronic system able to carry out a wide variety of operations, as well as freeing up of building societies while providing funding incentives from investors.

At the same time, he proposed assigning controller role to freelancer engineers for licensing based on the successful model of building inspectors, to combat bureaucracy and corruption.

Stasinos also stressed the need to activate new EU-funded programs, to introduce a new land planning for tourism and to support start-up companies with the inclusion of engineers. He also called for the exploitation of old army barracks located inside urban spaces to create parks.