TEE president Stasinos: Eco-friendly investments to have attractive tourism product

The president of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) George Stasinos presented the basic guidelines for modern town planning in the tourism sector in early 2020. Stasinos was speaking at a scientific conference “Tourist Exploitation of Real Estate – Town Planning and Tourism Development” organized in the framework of the 3rd International Tourism exhibition “Greek Tourism Expo”, at the exhibition centre “Metropolitan Expo” Athens.

“We have to avoid extreme choices for tourist investments,” he underlined and added: “We have to move based on common sense and take decisions that we all agree on. We want more tourists. We want higher income tourists. We want more revenue. In order for Greece to have an attractive tourism product, it must provide for units integrated to the environment.”

Referring to tourist investments, Stasinos explained that “we need units relatively low in height, integrated in the natural environment and the identity of each area, based on green design, at least in the use of natural resources and energy.”

“We expect new record of tourist arrivals for the new year,” the general secretary of Tourism Policy and Development, George Tziallas, said and presented in detail the work of the tourism ministry, which are:

– The increase in tourist arrivals and tourism revenue,

– The extension of the tourist season,

– The development of new thematic forms of tourism,

– The promotion of new tourist destinations across the country.