Teenage brothers who assaulted metro station master released from custody on Tuesday

The two young brothers, aged 15 and 17, who last week assaulted a metro station master causing grievous bodily harm, were released from custody on Tuesday.

The magistrate court set their release bail at 2,000 euros each; they have to report to their local police station three times per month, and they have also been assigned a social worker who will supervise them regularly.

After the brutal attack, which occurred last Wednesday at Omonia metro station, the victim, aged 53, had to be hospitalized. The two youths attacked the station master on the platform after getting off the train and after he had asked them to wear face masks and take their feet off the seats. They claimed he spoke badly to them and they did not realize how badly they had hurt them. They were identified with the help of station surveillance cameras, which recorded the incident. The two were also charged with insubordination for refusing to be fingerprinted.

Also released from custody on Tuesday is a special guard, member of the Greek police and family friend, who allegedly advised the two brothers on how to avoid arrest as well as what to do if they were arrested; an investigation is pending into charges of breaching duty and being an accessory to a crime.