Tekal delivers new oil pier to Piraeus Container Terminal

Tekal, a Greek construction company, on Wednesday officially delivered a new oil pier to Piraeus Container Terminal – a subsidiary of Cosco. The infrastructure project, budgeted at 140 million euros, creates new standards in fuel distribution.

The new oil dock covers an area of more than 12,800 square metres and has a length of more than 400 metres. It has three transport terminals servicing three oil companies through the terminal station.
The complex is considereed to be the biggest and most modern project in the country and in the Balkans. It was built to the strictest US and European standards, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, Greek regulations and the standards of local authorities.

The installation will be able to transport all petrochemical products, such as unleaded gasoline, marine gas oil, diesel, fuel oils, mineral oils and chemical products. The pier includes a number of metal buildings and installations, such as marine loading arms, pig traps, six cranes, an EDG sub-station, control room and fire-extinguishing system.