Teleconference with institutions leave labour, social security and energy issues open

The six-hour teleconference between the government and the institutions concluded on Friday evening leaving open the labour, social security and energy issues, a government official with knowledge of the negotiations said after the marathon talks.

The issues that did conclude are the new privatization fund, the privatizations and the out-of-court settlement.

“Essentially three issues remain open which require political discussion,” the government official said. “We were fully aware that we wouldn’t close the social insurance and labour issues at this level.”

Concerning energy, the representatives of the institutions insist on the sale of power utility PPC’s units as part of the opening of the market, but the government official said this issue is difficult following the decision of the European Court and the and the involvement of the European Directorate for Competition, which “we must study and to manage.”

Asked about the package of measures and offsetting measures the government is proposing, the official insinuated there might be a reduction of the unified property tax ENFIA, noting however that the percentage has not been agreed on. “There’s a small issue that remains on what percentage ENFIA will be in the package,” he said.