Temporary exhibitions have positive impact on visitors to museums

How can the number of visitors in a museum be affected by a temporary exhibition? Huge, especially when it refers to important exhibitions such as “Hermitage: Gate to history” and “Odysseys” recently inaugurated at the Byzantine and Christian Museum and the National Archaeological Museum respectively.

According to the Byzantine and Christian Museum figures, 2,500 visitors were recorded last Sunday when only 284 people visited the museum a week before the opening of the exhibition .

The data from the National Archaeological Museum were also positive. “While visitors were reduced in all Greek museums in October, the National Museum posted a 11.5 percent increase. Only on Sunday, November 6, 2,000 people from all over Greece visited the museum,” its managing director Maria Lagogianni said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

The exhibition “Hermitage: Gate to history” was inaugurated on November 2 and illustrates the “encyclopaedic spirit” of the St. Petersburg-based Hermitage Museum through the presentation of a great variety of works from different cultural environments spanning an extended period of time.

The exhibition “Odysseys” which is a timeless narrative about human efforts, inspired by Odysseus archetypal character, was inaugurated at the National Archaeological Museum on October 3.