Ten arrested and 133 detained during new protests in Athens

Ten people were arrested and 133 were detained by police for incidents taking place before, during and after the rallies in Syntagma Square and outside parliament. According to police, those arrested are members of the far right and will be led before a public prosecutor since they were carrying gas masks and other types of “ammunition”. Four were arrested for participating in incidents outside parliament.

About 85 of those detained were led to security police headquarters before the Syntagma rally, as part of a special police plan designed to foil far-right groups going to the rally with the sole aim of provoking violent incidents around the parliament.

Most were released later the same evening but a group of approximately 30 people went passed the house of the US Ambassador in Athens and sprayed the slogan “Macedonia Greek soil” on the exterior wall. This group was detained by police again and taken to the central police headquarters to discover who wrote the slogan, in order to add to those arrested.

One police officer was injured during the incidents, when he was hit by a stone.