Tender on TV licenses will be held soon, says Kretsos

The tender for the sale of nationwide television licenses will be held soon and the number of the licenses auctioned will be “fully safe from the technological point of view”, the General Secretary of Information and Communication, Lefteris Kretsos, said on Thursday.

Commenting on a report published on Skai.gr on the licensing process, Kretsos said the news website “betrays its anxiety over the tender for the television licenses, hoping it will not take place,” adding it is “pleasant but also indicative of the correctness of our positions that the TV channel owners are gradually obliged to accept the scientific findings regarding the capacity of the [TV] spectrum.”

He said TV channels initially said technology could support 48 broadcasters but then started retreating from their positions, arguing now that, according to some working scenarios, there might not be more room than six.