Tennis, swimming and aerobics are the three best sports for health

Tennis, swimming and aerobics are the three best sports for health.

On the contrary, football and jogging are less beneficial and do not keep away the possibility of early death, according to an international research headed by a Greek-Australian scientist professor in Sydney University Emmanuel Stamatakis.

The scientists gave details on the research in the British magazine “British Journal of Sports Medicine” and analysed data from over 80,300 people with average age 52. The study monitored the participants for nine years during which 8,790 died from several different reasons.

The study showed that the danger of death from whatever reason is considerably lower 47 percent for those playing frequently tennis, squash or badmington, 28 percent less for those that went swimming and 27 percent for those that had aerobics.

Particularly, tennis reduces considerably (56 percent) the danger of death from a cardiac disease.

Our research showed that it doesn’t only matter how much someone exercises but also the kind of the exercise, said Stamatakis to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

Different sports have an effect on the health in different ways. Particularly the sports with rackets as well as aerobics and swimming offer higher protection against cardiovascular diseases. It is difficult to explain why this happens but we believe that it has to do with the fact that these sports involve the whole body, said Stamatakis.
Professor Stamatakis graduated from the Sports Science school of University of Thessaloniki in 1995, he got a Ph.D in 2002 at Bristol University and afterwards he taught at the Epidemiology and Public Health dept of London University College and from 2013 he is professor at the University of Sydney. His studies and researches are internationally acclaimed.