Tensions run high at Chios city council meeting attended by Migration Min

Tensions ran high at a meeting of the city council on Chios on Wednesday that was attended by Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsas.

A handful of residents from the area of Halkious, which accommodates a migrant camp, forced the meeting to break after arguments arose with some members of the city council regarding refugees. At the start of the meeting, Chios mayor Manolis Vournous set three priorities for the municipality: the daily lives of residents and businesses, relations with the council and refugees and the government’s policies on the refugee issue.

According to data provided by the minister, 3,330 refugees had arrived at Chios since the start of the year, while a total of 3,766 people have applied for asylum from Chios. In comparison with the end of 2017, there are currently 420 less refugees on the island, he added.