The Athens Half-Marathon returned under OPAP sponsorship

A special racing experience for 10,000 runners who participated, on Sunday, September 12, in the 9th Athens Half Marathon, which was held with the support of OPAP, Major Sponsor of SEGAS. The great sporting event, which returned after a year of absence, was dedicated to the memory of Mikis Theodorakis.

With the protection and safety of the participants being a priority, this year’s Athens Half Marathon included two runs, instead of three. Specifically, 5 and 21 km races were held, in which runners took part who had a certificate of vaccination or illness, observing the necessary health measures.

Among the 10,000 runners, who participated in both routes, were 120 members of the OPAP Running Team.

OPAP was an ally in the effort of all runners, giving them rhythm through music. At the same time, giant screens showed the participants throughout the race.