The climate between Greece and its lenders has improved, says Maltese FinMin

Finance Minister of Malta who also chairs, for the current period, ECOFIN Council Edward Scicluna expressed the opinion that the climate between Greece and its lenders has improved and if the trust is fully restored there will be no need for precautionary measures because the economic climate is favourable, said to Athens Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

Scicluna in an exclusive statement to ANA underlined that the relations between Greece and its lenders have improved significantly and are not threatened by a new crisis. “I can say that the climate is much better so I do not see another crisis on the horizon. Of course there are differences but not as those we had in the past” he noted.

I believe the economic climate helps Greece. It is not a matter of commitments but of proof that the results are better than those expected, even of a small scale but still very encouraging” he said adding that the condition helps because we do not have the ‘tensions’ we experienced before.

On Eurogroup’s request for an automatic contingency mechanism or the legislation of precautionary measures in case something goes wrong he said that “these requests were made in a period that uncertainty and lack of trust prevailed”.

“I believe that if confidence is fully restored and with less uncertainty, this request will be less strong and an agreement will be reached. I can’t speak for the Eurogroup but my impression is that when the period of uncertainty and lack of confidence is over, the requests for measures in case the whole issue collapses will be less. I can reassure you, without any commitment, that the prevailing climate has helped and that something will be found that will be less demanding that it was in the beginning” concluded the Maltese minister.