The country will not return to normality even if the negotiation concludes, ND spokesman says

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) spokesman Vassilis Kikilias on Thursday in an interview with Skai TV leveled against the government saying that even if the negotiation is concluded, the country will not return to normality.

Kikillias, who participates in the EPP Congress in Malta, referred to the pension cuts, the lower tax free threshold and the sale of our energy wealth. “They have accepted everything and they are looking for a way to pass them in Parliament. At the same time, they are trying to persuade the Greeks that they proudly negotiate,” he said adding that the government does not meet the prior actions and especially the reforms.

“The conclusion of the second programme review has been delayed as well as the participation in the quantitative easing programme,” he stated.

Concluding, New Democracy spokesman said that the main opposition will not vote the measures to be submitted in Parliament and reiterated the demand for elections.