The economy is showing strong signs of recovery, Digital Policy Min Pappas says

“The economy is showing strong signs of recovery and we all have to hurry, as we are on the final track,” Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas said on Wednesday in an interview with public broadcaster ERT.

He added that the period of pressure, postponements and difficulties in the disbursement of loan tranches now seems distant.

The minister said there is a framework for an agreement and noted that the completion of the programme will change the situation. “Ending with the programme review will increase the optimistic messages,” he said and stressed that in order to talk about regularity in the economy, unemployment must be reduced to tolerable levels, something for which he expressed optimism.

“Greece has every interest in maintaining a climate of calm with Turkey, but this requires respect for international law,” the minister said, adding that Greece will defend its sovereignty.

Commenting on the change in Central Archaeological Council (KAS) stance towards foreign productions, Pappas said that all provision should now be made to incentivise audiovisual productions. This would require more than just financial assistance, he added, but also the appropriate legislative framework to support them.

“Greece has enormous potential, natural beauty and human resources, and the audiovisual sector involves a great number of professions and for this reason needs to be substantially assisted,” he said.

Commenting on the fact that the United States as a country owns and invests a lot in audiovisual production, Pappas said that at this year’s TIF, in which America will be an honoured country, Greece will prove that it possesses the cutting-edge technology, abilities and human resources that it needs to stand out. He added that incentives should be extended to all production units in the sector.