The exit from a bankruptcy condition is a complicated and demanding task, says gov’t VP Dragasakis

Government’s vice president Yiannis Dragasakis said that “according to the current estimate Greece’s tapping the markets is totally feasible” but because we can’t exclude “possible turbulences or new crises in the future” we have agreed with the European institutions to create a stability fund via cash buffers that will function as an emergency lender if necessary”.

Dragasakis noted that the government seeks “the change of the floating-rate interest into fixed rate interest as well as the establishment of the ‘growth clause’.

The planning for the next day for Greece is very crucial because the exit from a bankruptcy condition and the disengagement from the memoranda and the supervision, as history has shown, is a complicated a demanding task”, Dragasakis underlined.

SYRIZA has the potential to become again the first party” he said and estimated that “despite some predictions “there will not be extended political instability in the next general elections”.