The government denounces Reuters news agency report

“We are officially in the era of fake news. This time, with the signature of Reuters. It is a pity,” the press office of the prime minister said on Thursday.

It stressed that we are in the middle of a critical negotiation adding that “we hope it is just a nonsense because we do not want to believe that some people play games with the stock market.”
“Reuters newsagency should, at this difficult period for Europe, be more careful and not to ‘host’ reports of dubious origin and zero credibility,” it said.

“It is obvious,” it said, that the “exclusive news” regarding a press conference and the scenario of early elections based on rumours, according to the author of the report, would normally not concern anyone. “But, today, during a critical negotiation, any fake news aiming to cause problem for the Greek government, becomes a major issue for the media.”